Video: Gitlab Web-IDE (Herstellervideo)

Gitlab stellt seine Web-IDE vor, die mit Version 10.7 als Open Source bereitsteht.

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Gitlab Web-IDE (Herstellervideo)

The new Web IDE makes it faster and easier to contribute small fixes and resolve merge request feedback by eliminating the need to stash changes and switch branches locally.

Using the Web IDE, you can change multiple files, preview Markdown, review the changes and commit directly from the browser. The Web IDE can be opened when browsing the repository, viewing a file, and directly from merge requests so that you can quickly resolve feedback or contribute a change while doing a code review. If you open a merge request in the Web IDE you can also preview the merge request diff before committing, which allows you to review the entire scope of the merge request directly in the Web IDE!

Introduced in GitLab Ultimate 10.4, the Web IDE is now Generally Available (GA). We decided to make Web IDE open source, because we believe building something so complex and personal as an IDE is only possible together. Plus, this lowers the bar for anyone to contribute to their favorite projects.

(Quelle: Gitlab, - CC-BY 3.0)

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